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November 29, 2020

Dear Lyric Friend,

Oh, how we miss you! We so miss being together--to laugh, cry, sing, dance, and share wonderful stories from the Lyric stage. In this strange holiday season, we want to give our heartfelt thanks for you, and ask for your help.

Lyric has been dark for months--although a small and mighty group of volunteers continues to mask up, keep distant, and maintain our theater facilities inside and out.


We are being super-frugal right now--but we must keep the basic utilities on and the winds and weather out-of-doors. WE WOULD BE SO GRATEFUL FOR YOUR HELP TO COVER OUR ESSENTIAL EXPENSES!

Here are some ways you can help us get through these tough times, and get ready for a new beginning (whenever it’s safe to reopen.)


  • ·Heat: $400
  • ·Electricity: $300
  • ·Phone Service: $140
  • ·Internet: $90
  • ·Water and sewer: $75
  • . Lightbulbs & supplies $25
  • ·Snow removal: $175 per storm

These are just ideas--we will be honored for WHATEVER GIFT YOU CAN MANAGE!!

It’s easy to give back to Lyric online, by clicking here:

Thank you for remembering why we all love theater. We hope you are staying safe, finding ways to connect with others, and continuing to make life work in this very challenging season. Our best wishes for good health and high hopes for the future to you and those you care about.

With deepest gratitude,

Lyric Music Theater Board of Directors


June 2, 2020
At Lyric Music Theater, we strive to be community theater for the entire community, and that means standing with the Black community and all communities of color against oppression and violence, and denouncing all acts of racism and prejudice.
We understand that by staying silent, we are contributing to the problem and we regret not speaking out sooner. We have far to go and much to learn, but we affirm our commitment to creating a place where all feel empowered and welcomed.
It is our responsibility as individuals and institutions to do our part in dismantling systemic racism and working for justice and equality for all.

Special Thanks to our 2019-2020 Season Sponsors!


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